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Letter 8

I do hope Miss Rosenfel and Mr. Sirakal are okay. I miss seeing them around the bar.

I don't think this is anything I should write home about...

Letter 6

Christmas is different in the city, but it's nice. It's festive and very... energetic. I don't think I mind celebrating them here.

Though I miss my mom's pecan pie.

Thank you everyone for the presents! I...I really didn't expect anything, so that was a nice surprise. I didn't have too much money so I couldn't get anything too nice for everyone, but I hope everyone enjoyed them anyway.

[A package to home, wrapped in shiny wrapping paper, decorated with a bow, and filled with presents]Collapse )

Letter 5

Snow! I was wondering if it would snow down here, but the weather report says it will! It'd be odd not to have snow this time of year.

And now to figure out presents for everyone...

[A letter for home written in green ink and decorated with snowflake stickers; a snowman is drawn on the corner of the envelope]Collapse )

Letter 4

Miss Solana! I finally got my pictures printed out! I thought you might like some of them so I left them hanging in a bag from your door. I hope that's okay. Most of the pictures are from the wedding, but there some other pictures too, from the bar and what not.

Mr. and Mrs. Raaz, thank you for inviting me to the wedding. It was a very nice event and hope there are many, many, many years of happiness ahead for both of you. I know there were professional photographers there, but I have some pictures too, if either of you are curious. And um... Mrs. Raaz, do you want your garter back?

Oh, Miss Rosenfel! Mr. Sirakal, I have some pictures of you two also if you want them. Just a thought.

[A letter for home, tucked neatly into a padded envelope with a neat stack of pictures]Collapse )

Letter 3

Um.... M-Miss Rosenfel, I'm sorry for the way I acted. That was rude of me. Though I'm glad we were able to finish painting the apartment.

Miss Solana? I know you said it was okay, but um, I'm sorry for coming back late and getting paint on the shirt. I'll buy myself a new uniform.

Mister Akula.......

That's all.

[A letter for home, a part of a larger package, written on sheets of lined paper, some of the words slightly blurred from where water dropped onto the paper]Collapse )

Letter 2

Miss Solana, Mister Akula, I can't thank the two of you enough for giving me a place to stay (and the apartment is very nice as is the bar) and work. I promise not to let either of you down! I think I'm getting the hang of everything too  aside from where the bottles go and I'm slowly learning my way around town on my bike too.

I think this is going to work out nicely.

Letter 1

Wow, so this is Ametiton. Bigger than I thought it'd be, more crowded too! Kinda intimidating, ehe. Guess now I just need to find a place to stay, get settled in, and well, see where that goes.

....Wow, there sure are a lot of people over this network. Didn't have this kind of stuff back home, though that would have been useful. Kinda like looking through a large library with different kinds of books and everything. Pretty easy to go from page to page and--

--...oh my I didn't know there was, I mean... there's... I didn't know that was possible...um... oh my. Wow. ._. This stuff is FREE?!


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