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Just the way I was raised

21 June 1987
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Character: Samson (goes by Sam)
Species: Avizon, passing himself off as Lupino
Gender: Male
Status: New in town, unemployed

Character Notes: Despite his age, necessity and training has given him the ability to shift into an additional form (and is arguably better at shifting into that form that his Avizon form).

As a human, Sam is an average 5’8” with a lanky frame, short black hair (though he keeps his bangs long in the front), dark brown eyes, and round glasses (he’s nearsighted). He’s a young man, only 16 years old, and looks to be that age.

As a Lupino, Sam is 6’0 and a large wolf with rich tan fur and patches of black down his back. His eyes are gold, and he has a little more bulk in his form, which makes him look larger and a little more intimidating, but for the most part, he’s a big, dumb puppy.

As an Avizon, Sam is also 6’0 and bears a higher ratio of equine traits than draconic. He bears a very equine head structure, save for the small series of backward curving horns on the back of his head. The rest of his body is more draconic, with a traditional sweeping tail and clawed and taloned hands and feet. He also has two pairs of large wings coming off his shoulders. His color is a rich green with a white underbelly and black horns, and he’s scaly.

Character's history: Born and raised in a remote Avizon village secluded deep in the mountains, Sam has never stepped foot outside of the mountains surrounding his home and as a result, knows little about “city life” as the adults say. But within the village, he’s lived a happy, if not simple, life. As he grew older and generally more enthusiastic, the elders and other adults of the village decided it was time for him to experience city life and also send back information on what was going on in the cities.

But really, they just wanted to get the overly hyper and enthusiastic boy out of their hair/horns. Having him work as an informant was an extra perk.

So with a backpack filled with his personal belongings, several stamps, envelopes, letters, plenty of pens and pencils, his bicycle, and a few hundred dollars, Sam was dropped off on the outskirts of Ametiton and told to learn as much as he could, with strict orders to not reveal the location of the village or reveal to anyone he was an Avizon (hence the reason for his Lupino form).

Character's personality: While quite an intelligent and learned young man, growing up in a very secluded village where the village elders were careful about what information people found out about life outside the village has made Sam largely ignorant of the outside world and many see him nothing more as an ignorant country boy.

Add on a very polite and overly enthusiastic personality and let the problems begin.

While his eternal energy was written off as normal for a young boy, as he grew older and remained still as hyper, his boundless energy was considered annoying by the adults as he was found running around the village, eager to help out wherever and whenever and always poking his nose in business. He was given a bicycle in hopes riding around the mountains would wear him down. It didn’t work, but at least Sam is a very good biker now.

Though even with his boundless energy, when it comes down to it, Sam is dependable and he can be serious. He may bounce and flail around a lot, but ask him to do something and he’ll do it to the best of his ability. He’s also aware that he’s generally ignorant of the natural way of city-life and is willing to learn.

[icarused RPing an original character for damantru, icons from Three Wolves Mountain and The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok